Why we conduct Training Needs Analyses

We often get calls from clients who wish to conduct a training with our help, but who are clueless about what training they require. They turn to us for examples of previous trainings and sample module outlines. While we gladly provide these, when it comes to customized trainings, no two programs are the same as the needs of each client are different. We strongly believe that it is important to put into context how Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is critical to the final success of a program.

How is a TNA conducted?
  • Employees' competency level

    The first and fore most important reason to have a TNA done is to understand the competency levels of the employees and is it matching the required level of competency of the organization.

  • Organization's needs

    Understand the comprehensive needs across the orginisation

  • Productivity levels

    Understand the productivity level, if its low do we need a training to increase the productivity by introducing a new technology to help raise the productivity or if it the productivity level is good how to keep it sustainable in this competitive market.

Your benefits
  • It helps to clearly understand what the outcome should be. Sometime it so happens that what the higher management think about the topics for training is not the same as the what their staff really need. So through TNA we can clearly derive at what is actually needed keeping the managements perspective and the staff requirement.
  • Helps to understand what KIND (soft skill or technical or HR or in combinations) of training is required. Weather the program needs to be done in English/Khmer, if it should be a one day or a two day or for a couple of weeks.
  • Understand if the training is required for the whole organization or to a particular department/s.
  • Understand if the training needs to be done in Phnom Penh or an out bound program is required.
  • Provides the baseline for the evaluation of a training program
  • Helps direct resources to area of greatest priority
  • What methods of delivery should be used (class room based, onsite location, project based)?
  • Can help know the language in which the training has to done

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