We build tomorrow’s leaders.

With top class trainers and experts – both from home and abroad – and a portfolio of international certifications and diversified curriculums, Management Academy will help your business and team be better.

Our multi-national team consists of well-experienced and highly-educated professionals who have been playing key roles within their companies or organizations. We work within a multi-cultural environment with our consultants, senior coaches and trainers. We are dedicated to work strategically with our partners and students to ensure that our students are well capable and competent to be future business leaders.

“People are vitally important asset for any organization. That is why we invest in people as a continuous process.”

Varsha Karthikeyan, Lead Trainer

We strongly believe that ethical and responsible business leadership, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability are key drivers for promoting business startups and sustainable business management of both small-medium (SMEs) and large enterprises. The increase in entrepreneurs and enterprises helps to diversify economic opportunities in our society. Our strategic cooperation and activities have brought our clients, partners and ourselves to today’s success.

Varsha Karthikeyan

Lead Trainer

Ken Prohmvibossny

Manager Open Courses

We work in team with our expertized teachers, consultants and trainers from different industries and countries to educate our trainees with real-life learning experiences and up-to-date knowledge. We focus on business skill training and education inclusive with social and commercial entrepreneurial skills to build responsible and ethical business leaders to positively impact our community.

“We are passionate about business skill training and education.”

Preethi Rammohan, Management Academy Director

We strongly believe that ethical and responsible business and entrepreneurial skills can positively transform our society. Hence, we put in ourselves integrity, social responsibility and strategic cooperation among our students, clients and partners to ensure positive changes to our business community and society.

Our expertise

We are specialized in business skill training, education and consultancy

  • Executive Education
  • Education for Enterprise (Customized Training)
  • Business Vocational Education
  • Employment Training
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Business Consultancy
  • Team Building
We are a trusted partner. We support Cambodia’s premier businesses and organizations.
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